Yonward Spotlights: The Skinny House

Posted on Friday, January 22, 2016 by Meghan Barton 

From "Weird Boston" by Yonward user Meghan


Only 10.4 feet at it’s widest, the skinny house in Boston’s North end was, according to local lore, built entirely as a spite house. There are two stories of the house, the first being a vague account of an unarmed builder who acquired the lot and built the house to cut off air and light to a neighbor with whom he has a dispute. The second story is of two brothers who inherited the lot from their father. While one brother was away fighting in the civil war, the other brother built a large house on the property, leaving only a shred for his brother. To spite his brother, the returning soldier built a very tall and very thin house on the left over land that blocked his brother’s sunlight and ruined his view.