Cambridge Arts Open Studios 2016

Posted on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 by Meghan Barton

 Yonward is thrilled to be working with the Cambridge Arts Council on Open Studios 2016!

Cambridge Arts Open Studios takes place Saturday, May 14 & Sunday, May 15, 2016 from 12-6 pm, and features the work of over 100 visual and performing artists. The Cambridge Arts team made a beautiful Yonward guide to help art explorers discover and find the 83 locations across the City that are participating.

The guide can be found in the Yonward App - just look under Featured or Nearby (for those in Cambridge).

To learn more, please see http://www.cambridgeartscouncil.org/openstudios

It's great to see Yonward put to use for this great event - we're looking forward to a fun weekend!

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Yonward Spotlights: Stoughton House

Posted on Monday, February 01, 2016 by Meghan Barton

From "Historic Brattle Street" by Yonward user Tom Pounds (tomyon)

Designed in 1892 by the great American architect Henry Hobson Richardson for Mrs. Mary Fisk Stoughton, this house is considered the finest example of the Shingle Style in America.
The use of shingles instead of clapboards allowed for rounded features and continuous, non-rectangular forms as can be seen in the central stair bay to the left of the entrance.

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Yonward Spotlights Club Oberon

Posted on Saturday, January 30, 2016 by Meghan Barton

From "Harvard Square's Bow and Arrow District" by Harvard Square Business Association (hsbayonward)

OBERON is the A.R.T.’s second stage, a destination for theater and nightlife on the fringe of Harvard Square.
In addition to offering work from the A.R.T’s main season, OBERON is also a thriving incubator for emerging artists to imagine new projects that could only exist in this exciting club theater environment. Hundreds of artists and performance groups brought work to the space each year. OBERON regularly features local performers including aerialists, beat poets, food artists, tap dancers, gender-bending sketch troupes, comedians, hula-hooping burlesquers, and pop-and-lock human statues to name but a few.
Rooted in the mission of OBERON, A.R.T. has launched a multi-year program of work and mentorship with three local performance groups: Boston Circus Guild, Liars & Believers, and Touch Performance Art.

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Yonward Spotlights: The Sports Museum

Posted on Friday, January 29, 2016 by Meghan Barton

From "Museums of Boston" by Yonward User Adam

The Sports Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institution housed in the TD Garden that has served Boston and New England for more than 35 years.
The Sports Museum celebrates the character of Boston sports -- the unique brand of teamwork, determination, responsibility, courage, fairness, and other qualities of character possessed by our teams and athletes that make Boston "The Greatest Sports City in America." Equally important, they use this distinctly rich heritage to help build character in kids so that they can stand strong in the face of drugs, violence, and other dangers.

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Yonward Spotlights: The Library Roof

Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2016 by Meghan Barton

From "The Unofficially Official Guide to Tufts" by Yonward user Kelsey

We end the tour from the library roof, an ideal destination for sight-seeing and relaxing in nice weather. The Boston skyline is visible from the roof, reminding Tufts students of the world outside the bubble. Make sure to check out the green roof garden, especially the Tufts sign made out of plants!

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Yonward Spotlights: The Ether Dome

Posted on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 by Meghan Barton

From "MGH Campus: Museum, Ether Dome and Other Historical Points" by Yonward User Massachusetts General Hospital

The Ether Dome was Mass General's surgical amphitheater between 1821 and 1867. Dr. William T.G. Morton, a Boston dentist, made medical history here in Oct. 16, 1846, when he administered ether anesthetic to patient Gilbert Abbott just before Dr. John Collins Warren removed a tumor from his neck. Abbott slept comfortably during the operation and upon awakening announced that he had felt no pain. News of this first public demonstration of surgical anesthesia spread rapidly, transforming medical practice throughout the world.



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Yonward Spotlights: Mary Dyer

Posted on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 by Meghan Barton

From "Art Around the State House" by the Boston Art Commission

This sculpture commemorates Mary Dyer, who sacrificed her life for the right to religious freedom. Like her friend Anne Hutchinson, who is also commemorated with a sculpture on this Art Walk, Dyer challenged traditional Puritanism with her progressive beliefs. Governor John Winthrop repeatedly exiled Dyer from Massachusetts, but she returned to the colony nevertheless to visit imprisoned friends and protest her sentence. In 1660, she was hanged on the Boston Common for refusing to repent her supposedly heretical views. 

The sculptor Sylvia Shaw Judson - the author of The Quiet Eye: A Way of Looking at Pictures and herself a Quaker - has depicted Dyer in a reserved pose with no adornment. These qualities echo the value Quakers place on simplicity in speech, dress, and other aspects of everyday life.


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Yonward Spotlights Elmwood: The Oliver-Gerry-Lowell House

Posted on Monday, January 25, 2016 by Meghan Barton

From "Historic Brattle Street" by Yonward user Tom Pounds


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Yonward Spotlights: The Skinny House

Posted on Friday, January 22, 2016 by Meghan Barton

From "Weird Boston" by Yonward user Meghan


Only 10.4 feet at it’s widest, the skinny house in Boston’s North end was, according to local lore, built entirely as a spite house. There are two stories of the house, the first being a vague account of an unarmed builder who acquired the lot and built the house to cut off air and light to a neighbor with whom he has a dispute. The second story is of two brothers who inherited the lot from their father. While one brother was away fighting in the civil war, the other brother built a large house on the property, leaving only a shred for his brother. To spite his brother, the returning soldier built a very tall and very thin house on the left over land that blocked his brother’s sunlight and ruined his view.


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Yonward Spotlights: South End Formaggio

Posted on Friday, January 22, 2016 by Meghan Barton

From "South End Shopping" by Yonward user William P


Formaggio is a charming neighborhood market that offers the best food samplings. Specialized cheeses and snacks line the shelves, perfect offerings to bring to a party. When your host sees the signature bag, they'll know they're in for a treat.


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