A Quick Update...

Posted on Friday, November 13, 2015 by Meghan Barton 

We’ve been busy these last few weeks promoting Yonward guides for some big events, but now it’s finally time for a quick progress update:

First, we’ve got some exciting numbers! Since we offered the very first version of Yonward in the App Store in July, the Yonward community has developed over 200 guides containing over 3,000 beacons, mostly around Cambridge and Boston, containing nearly 10,000 images and hundreds of audio recordings. Users are looking at the app over multiple days and weeks (which means they’re keeping it on their phone), and engaging in long, involved sessions (which means they’re finding the content interesting and useful). All good signs!

Several Cambridge and Mount Auburn Cemetery guides are our most popular so far, and Yonward guides to events such as Fluff Fest and HUBweek delivered a mobile solution where none existed before. We’re starting to see some nice guides popping up elsewhere – New York City, Hartford, San Francisco, Ohio, Mt. Rushmore – and even internationally. A number of these came from users who first found Yonward on a trip to the Boston area – this is exactly what we’re hoping for!

Thanks as always to everyone Yonward community for all your support – never hesitate to let us know what we can be doing better!